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About Us

What's the future?

I expanded upon my orginal Twitter BOT idea further and now it is capable of monitoring the whold of the Reading Buses network for predicted lateness. Once it finds a late bus it will post to both Twitter and Facebook to warn passangers. This new program has since been sold to a Reading Buses partner; with the intentions of it being offically adopted.

What started this?

The development for the Twitter was initially started with Caversham’s services, due to the proposed cuts and my own frustration with the pink 22 always being late. Upon googling I came across the Reading Open data API and using my knowledge of coding I produced the first version of the BOT. Since then I have moved onto using the Reading Buses open data API and are now capable of monitoring all bus stops in Reading.

How does this work?

The BOT is getting all its information from the Reading Buses Open Data API feeds. This data includes a list of services operated by Reading Buses, their routes and then live stop timings. For each stop you can get a bus’s scheduled and predicted arrival time, using this you can calculate the lateness and then track it between stops. Using both the Facebook and Twitter API announcements are made if a bus is later than 5 min, the industry tolerance. The program has been written in C# and is running on a disused notebook.

What can it do?

The Twitter BOT can monitor almost every single bus operated by Reading buses, it can post an announcement to social media if a bus is predicted to be over 5 min late. It will continue to track the bus throughout its journey and is capable of providing updates if it gets any worse. If multiple delays are detected it will group announcements together. At the end of each week it will automatically generate an infographic of every services punctuality too!

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